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Now to the mysterious death on a cruise ship. A woman falling off the upper deck. The royal princess returns from its voyage and we’re hearing from one of the passengers. Erielle reshef is here with us in studio with more. Good morning. Good morning. For the first time passengers are speaking out about how people learned of the tragedy. This morning new questions about what led up to that woman’s death. Reporter: This morning a first look inside the princess cruise ship turned crime scene as the mystery deepens in the death of a woman on board. Room doors sealed and the life boat where witnesses say the victim was found. The ship finally back in Florida this weekend. Passengers are speaking out for the first time. I would never expect that would happen on a cruise. Reporter: Logan Tignor recalling the early morning announcement that sounded over the P.A. System. They did an announcement early in the morning. Reporter: Words of the tragedy spreading. I was in the elevator. Another passenger told me what happened. I was like oh, my gosh, holy cow. I was kind of terrified for my safety afterwards. Reporter: According to the reports, the 52-year-old woman plummeted from the upper deck of the 3,600-passenger vessel landing on a life boat after allegedly struggling with a man. They told us some 52-year-old woman was being choked to death. Reporter: The FBI investigating the case as a possible murder. At the time she fell who else was out there? What did they see? What did they witness previously, hours or days before? Reporter: The ship cruising between the islands of curacel and aruba at the time. Princess cruises saying we are deeply saddened by this incident and offer our sincere condolences to the family and those affected. The FBI is working with aruba. While a forensic investigation and autopsy have been conducted, authorities are saying she died of unnatural causes. The victim traveling with her husband who officials are saying is not a suspect. Not a suspect? He’s not a suspect. He stayed on the island voluntarily but is not a suspect. A lot of questions. Thank you.

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