Will Iowa voters who flipped for Trump have ‘buyer’s remorse’ in 2018? Video


  • Now Playing: President Trump visits Iowa as tariffs test farmers’ patience

  • Now Playing: Will Iowa voters who flipped for Trump have ‘buyer’s remorse’ in 2018?

  • Now Playing: ABC News’ live coverage of Kavanaugh’s Supreme Court nomination

  • Now Playing: Kavanaugh confirmed to Supreme Court amid protests

  • Now Playing: Melania Trump spoke to reporters while in Egypt

  • Now Playing: Countdown to final Kavanaugh confirmation vote

  • Now Playing: White House celebrates impending Kavanaugh confirmation

  • Now Playing: Sen. Lisa Murkowski breaks with GOP, votes ‘no’ on Kavanaugh

  • Now Playing: The Briefing Room: Sen. Collins to vote ‘yes’ on Kavanaugh

  • Now Playing: Christine Blasey Ford’s lawyers speak out on Kavanaugh vote

  • Now Playing: Key senators to vote ‘yes’ in Kavanaugh confirmation

  • Now Playing: FiveThirtyEight House forecast update for Oct. 5, 2018

  • Now Playing: Authors of ‘For Colored Girls Who Have Considered Politics’ join ‘The View’

  • Now Playing: Senate advances vote on Supreme Court nominee

  • Now Playing: Was Brett Kavanaugh’s op-ed effective?

  • Now Playing: SPECIAL REPORT: Senators vote to end debate on Kavanaugh nomination

  • Now Playing: Senate votes to advance Kavanaugh nomination

  • Now Playing: Key senators undecided amid countdown to Kavanaugh vote

  • Now Playing: What does Kavanaugh battle mean for Supreme Court?

  • Now Playing: Key senator speaks out as Kavanaugh vote nears

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