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Next tonight to a health alert about a rare illness striking children. Officials reporting a spike in a polio-like disorder that can lead to partial paralysis. Here’s janai Norman. Reporter: Tonight, an outbreak of a mysterious disease is leaving heath experts baffled and children, like 7-year-old Quinton hill, partially paralyzed. He couldn’t move his neck and then his left arm. Reporter: Quinton spent two weeks in the hospital undergoing a battery of tests before being diagnosed with acute flaccid myelitis or afm, a rare and serious condition that typically strikes children. The Minnesota health department says they see it maybe once a year. But have had six pediatric cases reported in just the last few weeks. The CDC estimates less than one in a million people in the U.S. Will get afm each year, but has seen an uptick in cases since 2004. There are a variety of possible causes, but no known cure. It starts off as a common cold. But if you suddenly have weakness in your arms or in your legs, slurred speech, facial drooping, see a doctor right away. Reporter: After a frightening few weeks, Quinton’s dad says he’s starting to get his strength back. Quinton is super resilient and if anyone is going to get it back, we firmly believe it will be him. Reporter: Tom, Quinton’s dad says he’s adjusting to not being able to use his left arm, and tonight they are optimistic he will recover. Tom? Janai, thank you.

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