WATCH: Nutritionist Rachel Beller demos antioxidant-rich recipes to stay healthy and strong


Transcript for Nutritionist Rachel Beller demos antioxidant-rich recipes to stay healthy and strong

We’re going to show you how to create the ultimate power pantry that is packed with ingredients that our good friend Rachel Beller could rev up a cancer-fighting diet. Always good to have you here. Yes. All right. Antioxidants. Yes, yes, yes, robin, I wish I could tell you one diet or one food can cure, prevent cancer but I can’t. We’re not there. We have a lot of exciting information. There’s a lot of research about the power of foods and how antioxidants can protect us on a cellular level but, you know, we’re not there yet. It builds up our immune system. It can so the right diet can boost your immune sister Jean and help protect us. Not all antioxidants — we’ll talk about that. But we’ll talk about the ones that power up your health and the best part is that it’s so easy and it’s all in our pantry. A power pantry. Power pantry. This is a great way to kick off the morning. Starting with a Macha smoothie and Macha — Just crazy about it. For years I’ve got her going on this. But it is ground whole green tea leaves. So instead of sweating — yeah, instead of sweating the leafs in a bag in a tea so what happens is when you have a teaspoon in your smoothie, isn’t that good? It really is. You’re packing in the antioxidant value of six cups of green tea, six, and then we powered it up with one of my favorites from my power pantry, it’s cinna-peel, ceylon cinnamon, ginger and may regulate blood sugars and Orange peel which has lime in it which is good for us. That cinna-peel which everyone can get the recipe and make it into a shake at You got me doing this. We all need veggies in our life. So for this one I took already good vegetables, you know, we have broccoli, cauliflower and mushroom, good for anti-cancer properties. But then I gave it a dose of vegitude. Altogether, look how gorgeous it is. So we’ve got onion, garlic, good synergy, turmeric, black pepper, help your body suck up that good stuff and parsley, also cancer-fighting properties. And roast it. Exactly, you would just do this, literally the more the merrier and the good part, the finale, 40% increase in antioxidants just by powering it up with the blend. All right. You got ten seconds. Take every opportunity, you take almond butter and stir in ka cow, cayenne, ceylon cinnamon and, bam.

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