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Now to a dramatic scene on a Mississippi road. Look at this. A vintage airplane made a rough landing, really rough on highway 45. ABC’s erielle reshef is here with the story. Erielle, good morning to you. Reporter: Good morning to you, guys. That pilot reporting trouble just minutes after takeoff. Then the terrifying moments as his plane approached a busy Mississippi highway. Something you don’t see every day in Clark county. Reporter: Cell phone video capturing the dramatic moments after this World War II era plane crash landed on the side of a busy highway. Boyd Williams taking off in his single engine navion from meridian regional airport in Mississippi on Friday. Just before 3:00 P.M., the engine starts to fail. I called to turn around and tell them it was running rough and seconds later it stopped completely. Reporter: Boyd pulling off an emergency landing on highway 45 right in the middle of the afternoon commute. His plane sustaining significant damage. Trying to get into the main roadway but I think he had some difficulty, and he had to get on the shoulder and he tore his landing gear out from under the plane. Reporter: Boyd’s daughter who works at meridian aviation frantic after hearing about a pilot in distress. I heard the tower radio saying one of our local navions — I felt sick to my stomach but just was praying he was okay. Reporter: Those prayers answered. Boyd escaping unarmed. A single engine airplane, you’ve only got one source of power, and if it does go out, you don’t have any choice unless you can restart the engine. When a plane lands on a freeway, they did that because this was a life-or-death matter. Reporter: The pilot and his family now grateful for a miracle on a Mississippi highway. I’m just happy to be here. I’m thankful to be in one piece. Thankful nobody on the road was hurt and both my children came here and we’re sharing another day together. Reporter: And he is really lucky there. Thankfully as you heard there no one on the ground was hurt. The FAA is now investigating what caused the plane to go down but as for Boyd, he tells us he has no plans to stop flying any time soon. Wow. Going back up. Not a deterrent, but can you imagine being the daughter in the situation and hearing this call for distress and you know it’s your dad up there flying. I can imagine she might not want him to fly again. Then you have some interesting conversations at the dinner table, I would imagine. Thank you, erielle. Appreciate it.

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