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Transcript for Trump blames Democrats for migrant caravan

In Mesa, Arizona president trump took on immigration. It. Lot earlier president from said he’s willing to use the military to stop a caravan of migrants at the border. These people come. Percentage. Of those people. Are criminals it is these images of migrants trying to flee violence and economic hardship in Central America that the president hopes will propel his supporters to the mid term poll. Crazy Democrats. Refused to support any or. I. Us but Democrats say that’s not true they supported a bipartisan immigration reform deal buddy with president wrong it will mix it. Meanwhile with the mid terms just around the corner several Democrats are talking about the general election in 20/20 with new speculation about some familiar candidate we know who Donald Trump lose this election is not about the best candidate. And even former secretary of state Hillary Clinton. Political publishing a story quoting a former close aide saying the chances that Clinton could run again or quote somewhere between highly unlikely in zero. But it’s not zero. That message prompted white house Press Secretary Sarah Sanders to tweet Christmas coming early this year on his act ABC news Washington.

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{“id”:58629568,”title”:”Trump blames Democrats for migrant caravan”,”duration”:”1:27″,”description”:”President Trump attacked Democrats on immigration and blamed them for the current caravan of Honduran migrants making its way north to Mexico at a rally in Mesa, Ariz., on Friday, Oct. 19, 2018.”,”url”:”/Politics/video/trump-blames-democrats-migrant-caravan-58629568″,”section”:”Politics”,”mediaType”:”default”}

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