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and to the upsetting video being seen across the country this evening a woman appearing to abandon a toddler at a stranger’s front door in Texas. Ringing the doorbell and then ringing. A local ABC reporter then finding the boy’s father and playing him the video. Here’s ABC’s Steve osunsami. Reporter: The 2-year-old seen here in home surveillance video being roughly rushed to a stranger’s door by a woman with an odd smile on her face is safe tonight, and will soon be reunited with his family. This was after 8:00 P.M. Last night. At first, Houston area police thought that the unidentified woman with the long hair was a mother abandoning her child. But this morning, a reporter at our local station in the city helped crack the case. That’s my son. Reporter: Discovering that the boy’s father lived at the house next door. Who was watching him normally? He was with his mother. Reporter: Police say the mother, who had custody of the child, was supposed to bring 2-year-old royal prince Simmons to his biological father’s house Wednesday afternoon. But mom ended up in the hospital. The woman in the video is the mother’s friend, dropping the child off in the dark, hours late, at the wrong home and then speeding away. Had she waited just seven more seconds, the homeowner would have opened the door and maybe would have started a conversation to direct her to the correct house to drop the child off. Reporter: Police tonight say they’re charging the friend with felony child abandonment. Both parents are furious. Police say they knocked on the father’s door, but no one answered. David? Steve, thank you.

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