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We turn now to Florida where the senate race is officially over. After nearly two weeks and mandatory recount by hand. Here’s Stephanie Ramos with the votes now counted. Reporter: Tonight, it took two drama-filled recounts before Republican Rick Scott was officially declared the winner in Florida’s contentious senate race. State election officials racing to meet today’s noon deadline, We made it with one second to spare. Reporter: After the last recount Scott’s razor-thin lead just 10,000 votes. It’s been 12 days of tension, but three-term senator bill Nelson conceding today. Well, things worked out a little differently than grace and I had hoped. But let me say, I by no measure feel defeated. Reporter: Complicating the recounts even more this weekend? Missing ballots. Chaos and questions plaguing Broward county, Florida, when election officials discovered more than 2000 ballots missing. The ballots are in this building. There would be nowhere else for them to be. Reporter: In the race for governor, Tallahassee’s democratic mayor Andrew Gillum conceded the race to Republican Ron Desantis. R.J. And I wanted to take a moment to congratulate Mr. Desantis. Reporter: Meanwhile president trump, who tweeted his support of Scott today, claiming victory in the recently decided Georgia governor’s race. Hello, Georgia! Reporter: Which had Oprah Winfrey stumping for the Democrat. And I won against president Obama and Oprah Winfrey and Michelle Obama in a great state called Georgia for the governor. Let’s get to Stephanie now. Stephanie, president trump is still boasting about Republican success in the midterm. Some of the success. But there was also a significant win for Democrats in California. Reporter: Absolutely, Tom. California is a blue state. But some of the suburbs of los Angeles like in Orange county have been traditionally very conservative for decades. Over the weekend, Gil Cisneros won a closely watched house race. Turning all four house seats in Orange county, one of the most conservative areas in the nation, blue. Tom? A big pickup for Democrats there. Stephanie, thank you so much.

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