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Finally tonight, a college football superfan willing his team to an unexpected triumph. Here’s John donvan. Reporter: When it was still midgame, and Purdue in black was already ripping up the field against the heavily favored Ohio state, the fans weren’t just rooting for the boilermakers. They were rooting for a guy who — there he is — was out there by the sidelines. His name, Tyler Trent. A Purdue student. And before the game, in a weak voice, Tyler had made a really improbable prediction. Purdue is gonna win. Reporter: The weak voice, it’s because bone cancer has really been beating up Tyler for several years now. In remission not long ago, he’s facing another bout at the moment. Despite which, last season, he insisted on camping out for tickets for an important game, which caught the eye of coach Jeff brohm. He just has a positive attitude and brought a lot of life to the conversation. Reporter: The beginning of a relationship with the team that got a lot closer when they named him team captain, visiting him in bad times. Making sure he was there for the good times. Like this weekend’s completely wild game against Ohio state. His prediction, known to everyone who cheered, and more than realized. Postgame, the team asked him to speak first. I’m not entirely sure I’m qualified to make the opening statement, but I just want to say, boiler up, and I’m super happy that my prediction came true. Reporter: In a voice now sounding strong. These guys with all the muscle and the speed, they call him Tyler strong. John donvan, ABC news. Tyler strong is right. We salute Tyler and the boilermakers for being “America strong.” We also thank ESPN for their help with that story. We thank you for watching. I’m Tom llamas in New York. “Gma” first thing in the morning. David Muir right back here tomorrow night. Have a great evening. Good night.

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