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Happy birthday, sunny. The big 5-0. I think I know a little bit something about that. 50 and fabulous, welcome. It’s a great club. You’re going to love it. You’re going to love it. So, you know, just thank you for being you. Have the best birthday ever, and I’m going to sing for you. ??? Happy birthday to you ??? ??? to you happy to you ??? ??? happy birthday ??? did you think I was going to sing — ??? sunny ??? happy birthday, sunny. Sunny, happy 50th. Welcome to the 50 club. Do you miss it here at CNN where we used to fight like sisters and brothers all the time? I miss it and I really do look at you as a sister. The next time you come to my house and I invite Manny and the kids, don’t bring 20 people along with you. And if you do, bring some damn food. I love you, happy birthday. I did. I know. I brought so many people to don’s house. What about my house? I did it to you too. Wait a second, not only do they all come which I like you all, that’s fine, come, come, but don’t get mad when I leave and go to sleep. Yeah. That’s what I did. We were partying and joy disappeared and we were still hanging out and drinking. I was like where’s joy, and Steve was like, she went to bed. I think it’s called the Irish exit they call that. Anyway we have more people coming, friends of sunny today. Aw. Yes. And before miss sunny Hostin sat at this table as we all know you were a trailblazing federal prosecutor in D.C. Working on cases to protect children of sexual abuse. It’s been a little over 20 years, which I can’t believe that, since sunny took her first job as a law clerk for judge bell. And sunny, we know you haven’t seen judge bell in a while, so please welcome sunny’s mentor, judge bell. Oh, my god. This man — Sit down. Sit down, judge. I’m here, I’m here. Judge, you sit in my seat. No, no, I’m sitting had are. Judge of the Maryland court of appeals, everybody. Retired. Retired chief judge. When I — I really wanted to clerk for an appellate court. I applied kind of late and I was calling around and someone said I’ve got a judge who’s very difficult, graduated first in his class at Harvard. He’s very smart but, you know, you can interview with him. So I interview and I get into a huge argument with you. I don’t know if you remember, about statutory rape. And I went crazy and he was needling me, now that I know who he is, and I was like, you’re wrong and this is ridiculous. I kind of stormed out of the interview and I was like, well, I didn’t want that job anyway. And your law secretary called me and told me that you got the job. Why would you give me the job after I — Well, it’s a very easy answer. That was part of the interview. Hmm. The real issue for me had to be whether you were a yes person or an independent thinker. Oh. And I was much more interested — — In knowing how you would handle a situation where I had one position, you might have had another one. What would you do. And you passed with flying colors. Well good. Let me ask you something — That’s really what it’s all about. You worked with her a long time, right? Beg your pardon? You worked with her quite a while? No. Only that year. A year is a long time to me. It is for me too. Nowadays anyway. So tell us something about sunny we don’t know. Well, everybody knows that she is a social butterfly of sorts. People gravitate to her, and so was the case in — back in chambers. We had people in all the time. One of the people who showed up in chambers quite frequently and who became a very good friend of hers became an important figure in Baltimore. Oh yeah? She became the mayor of the city of Baltimore. Yes. Stephanie raulings Blake. I don’t know whether she’s here or not. We were in his chambers quite a bit. He was like, who are these people? Why are they always in my chambers? We have business to do. The truth is, the business got done. It did. Well, he required it. Judge bell, I understand that sunny had a partner in crime while working with you. Can you share who that is? Yeah. Well I — I’ll just say Lisa. She’ll remember your — Lisa is here! Oh, my god! Oh, my gosh. Hi, beautiful. Hello. You’re beautiful. Beautiful. Oh, my gosh, you guys. Happy birthday, sunny. Thank you. Lisa was the better clerk, the better law clerk. She wasn’t the social butterfly and she was about doing the work. Judge, I don’t know if you remember, we had one buzzer and two buzzers. You were number one and I was buzzer number two. So we would hear a buzz and then we would hear another buzz and that meant go to chambers, go and speak to him. You know why the buzzer — you know why you were one? Why. And you were two? No. It was easy. Because your desk — Was closest. Was closest to the door. And your desk was furthest. That was the reason. But we would wait and wait. Now, sunny would hear one buzzer and be like, yes, it’s you. Then all of a sudden another one and she’s like — She hasn’t changed a bit. You haven’t seen sunny for ten years? Around that. At least. You brought something special for her today, Lisa. Oh, my gosh, what is this? Let me say first, sunny, you know we worked very hard for judge bell, right? You have to work hard with judge bell. You do. But we also, you know, liked to have fun when we could. We did. Look at Connor. There was one particular occasion where we left and we went to go see a movie. We went to the movies. Sorry, judge. Yeah. Makes you feel like you need to find some time to get away. We saw “Water world” with Kevin Costner because he’s so handsome. He looks great. Sorry, judge. That’s okay, no problem. In fact, I’m glad you did. Oh, my gosh. And these are just the memories of our time together. Can you guys see it? Oh, you can see it. That was on my birthday. On her birthday I took a picture. One lesson I learned from judge bell and I don’t know if you remember this, I wrote this brief. I was so proud of it. I think you reviewed it. Yes, yes. I was so proud of this brief. I was like, I am the best damn writer that this judge ever had. I handed it in, it was like 20 pages. He handed it back to me in about an hour with a red line across — it was like a diagonal. And it said try again. Do you remember doing that to me? No. No comment. He taught me how to write. Why don’t we let you take the fifth on that question. Judge bell and Lisa, thank you so much for being with us at the table here to celebrate our wonderful friend, sunny’s, 50th birthday. Sunny, you think we don’t have more surprises. We do. Announcer: Next week, this is

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