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To the world’s most beautiful, brilliant, sunny, you are a complete inspiration to me and so many others. Happy birthday. Sunny Hostin, Nancy grace here. Speaking as your attorney, I understand you caught a charge of felony, happy, happy birthday. I think in a cameo appearance as a defense attorney I can get that knocked down to misdemeanor. Happy birthday, as opposed to a felony, happy, happy birthday. So — ??? happy birthday to you ?????? Happy clubbing birthday to our mother hen. Best wishes on your 50th birthday. Get it? Do you see how pretty they are. Beauties. Come on. I can only imagine what the eggs look like, sunny. The eggs are beautiful. My hens are gorgeous. They are. You brought them to the show. My daughter is like, well, kind of. Okay, we’re back and still celebrating sunny’s big 5-0. Not everyone knows this but one of sunny’s favorite TV shows is “Power”. I love “Power”. She went to the season five premiere to party with the cast. I did. Now, ladies and gentlemen, one of its stars wanted to swing by with a special surprise for sunny. Please welcome naturi Naughton. What? ?????? That was a very good season premiere party. Oh, yes, we had fun. We had fun. It was good. Excite to be here. You could go on tour, nature and Madonna. Thank you. You have something special. I do. I have a little gift for you. We got some “Power” swag. One of the reasons why I love “Power” is because one of the characters is a federal prosecutor, a Puerto rican federal prosecutor, so I’m like all up in it. It’s so good. We got” power” hats, shirts. Thank you. Oh, my gosh. We got the whole goody bag. Thank you. We love you, we love you. That’s for season five? Yeah, that’s for season five but — You’re in production for season six. I can’t wait. I can’t wait. Just wait, sunny. We have a special announcement about season six, sunny. So, you know we’re shooting right now. Are you going to tell me who dies? Girl, no. But what I have for you is a guest spot. Are you serious? A guest spot — No! On the upcoming season of “Power” office Lorenz Tate, ladies. Oh, my god! Manny! What? Do we not watch “Power” incessantly? It’s about to go down. A star is born! Thank you. Thank Courtney Kemp, our show runner, who writes this amazing show. What? This is our gift to you. Manny, what’s your reaction? You watch it together. Amazing. Yeah, this is good. I think they need to do, like, a sub-show for you. Yeah. Spinoff. My agent, my agent. He wants a spinoff already. There you go. I just appreciate you supporting us. What type of role are we talking about? I can’t tell you that. You have to watch it to see what I’m going to do. He went to black girls rock together and you helped me so much on the red carpet because you’re such a pro and I was so nervous. You were just so amazing to me and I really appreciate that. Thank you. I’m happy to be here to celebrate your birthday. Thank you. Oh, my god. Okay, so let’s talk about your show. So last season saw 50 cent’s character killed off. Yeah, he got killed. Not for nothing, that should not happen to her character. No. We won’t do that. Even in the spinoff, we’re keeping her alive. And the season ended on a cliffhanger, one of the other main characters, Angela, was shot. She got shot. Tell us, does she survive or not? You know, that is the question of, like, the summer, what happens to Angela. I just say, just keep watching. Keep on watching. It looked like it was in the heart. It was a critical shot, so, the show is so unpredictable that when you think someone is going to live, they die. When you think someone is going to die, they live. Just continuing watching. We’ve got a great team and I’m super excited to be a part of a show for six seasons. And congratulations on the success. The show just kills it every single season. Thank you, thank you. Gets better and better and better. We are the highest rated show with like over 9 million viewers across all platforms. 9 million viewers. It’s pretty impressive. We’re just doing a really great job. When you’re not busy doing the show and helping sunny on the red carpet you’re with your 1-year-old daughter who recently turned 1, zuri. I think we have some photos. She’s so adorable. Oh, my baby. I’ve got a daughter a few months younger than that. How do you juggle it all? How do you make it all work? You know — So cute. Baby girl! It is not easy, as you know, being a working mother. Yesterday she comes to set, I try to find balance in my schedule. And I was also breastfeeding at first. There’s uncle 50. How is he with kids? He was great with her. Zuri comes on set and she was so quiet. I’m really blessed to have the opportunity to be a mother but also to still be this vivacious, funky, sexy, fierce woman on TV. I don’t have to compromise and still be a mom. So it’s nice. Both worlds, the best of both worlds. I’m so blessed. You’re not only doing that. You have a couple movies coming out. Can you share with us? I have a film coming out in 2019 called “Emperor.” I also have another movie called “Really love.” That’s something that I shot over the summer and that will be coming out. It’s like a love story? It is. It is. Charles king, angel Christie Williams wrote it. It’s a great story and I’m just excited to be able to show other sides other than Tasha which I love, team Tasha, but it’s great. Before you leave us, what are your acting tips for sunny. I’m about to be in “Power”, y’all. You got to make sure you give gritty New York. I could do that. Like don’t mess with me. Don’t mess with me face. Then you got to give — because Lorenz is sexy you got to give the damsel in distress. She can do that. This is not even acting. This is like the real deal for sunny. It’s a fun show. You’ll have a good time. I cannot wait. It’s great, it’s great. So far we’re having a wonderful time. This is a good birthday. This is so good. I know. You have added to it. So thank you, naturi, for coming by. Thank you for having me. Season six, you guys, “Power.” That’s amazing.

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