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morning America.” It’s fast and furious. There’s excitement at every turn at the — That’s fast and fearful. Very fearful. It’s the U.S. Grand prix at the circuit of the Americas. The big race kicks off hours from now. Rob’s been getting a close-up look at the cars. You were literally inside the car. Yes, a Mcclaren. You can pay for it for about $300,000. You know I love NASCAR and indy cars. Formula one is an entirely different scene. This relatively new 3.5 mile circuit, the international drivers love it. I got to meet up with one of the best and he took me for a spin. Reporter: It’s the premier motor series in the world. It only makes one stop in the U.S., Austin, Texas. It’s the premier. Reporter: None of the drivers are Americans. If you build it, the fans will come. Who’s your driver? Hamilton. We come all over the world to see him. Really? Yeah. I’ve been to Singapore, Malaysia. You’re a hammer time groupie? Yes. What do you think of Al Lonzo? He’s great. I think he’ll do really well. Reporter: Up to 120,000 race fans converging here, the only spot in the U.S. Where formula one races and I’m about to take you for a ride. Come on. My ride is a hot Orange 720 Mcclaren, twin turbo v-8 on 20-inch tires. 0-60 in three seconds. Mcclarn has DNA in it as far as racing goes. This is the baby we’re going to drive today. What can we expect? I don’t know. We’ll see. You got me nervous. No five-point harness? No. You don’t need that. Reporter: Spinning tires and rocketing up the hill to turn one. Holy smokes! We’re going 130, 150, 165, 173. And the brakes! 173 miles an hour. His lightning fast hands working with wheel to keep us on the course. Taking turns at these speeds one side of the car is scraping along the track. Fernando is all about the fans. One hand. He wants to say hi to the fans. They love you. That’s why we love him here in America. I love him for taking me for that spin. Thank you, Fernando, thank you, Mcclaren for making that happen. You can catch all the action on ABC at 1:30 eastern time. The green flag drops shortly after that. We have some video of you driving an actual vehicle which was not that impressive. What is that, a go cart? That’s not fair. There’s not supposed to be cameras rolling there. You were going so slow. Those little kids were fast. That was not fast. They were really fast. Fernando gave me some tips. You saw him working the wheel with his hands. Lightning fast hands. These guys’ instincts are incredible. I obviously picked up some of those skills on the go cart track. It’s a family affair. You can go go carting with the kids and bring them on the racetrack and watch the pros. Leave it to the 7-year-olds or the professional drivers. It was a lot of fun. What we didn’t see in that video was rob yelling at all the kids for cheat. So worth it to fly out to Austin for that story.

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