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in the wind for awhile. The president is celebrating a Republican victory in Florida after a recount lasting nearly two weeks. Bill Nelson conceded the senate seat to Rick Scott. That means Republicans have now picked up two seats in the senate. Democrats gaining 37 seats in the house. Our senior congressional correspondent, Mary Bruce is in the capitol, and not the only Democrat to concede over the weekend. Reporter: Yes. Remember, this was a bruising 12-day recount. It took lawsuits on both sides of the aisle, but we have those results down in Florida as you mentioned. Republican Rick Scott will be the state’s next senator. The Democrat, bill Nelson, conceding yesterday after that manual recount showed him trailing by 10,000 votes. In the state’s race for governor, Andrew Gillum has conceded to Republican Ron Desantis. While in Georgia, Stacey Abrams admits that Brian Kemp will be the state’s next governor, but Cecilia, she is refusing to call him legitimate. Legal, yes, but amid concerns of accusations of voter suppression, Abrams says, quote, something being legal does not make it right. She is raising concerns there. Mary, there is another political fight brewing. This one over the fate of Nancy Pelosi who wants to be house speaker again, but not all Democrats are on board. Reporter: There are 20 Democrats who say they will oppose Pelosi as speaker, and that’s enough to deny her the gavel, but no one yet has come forward to challenge Pelosi, and she continues to ooze confidence that she will be the next speaker of the house. Her message to would-be challengers, quote, come on in. The water’s warm. You will have a busy next few weeks, Mary. Robin?

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