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The maker of a popular beverage is denying claims it uses potentially dangerous chemicals. Lacroix sparkling water fighting back over accusations it contains a number of artificial ingredients including one that sounds particularly unappetizing. It’s a widely popular bubbly beverage. Lacroix is a sparkling water known for its all natural fruity essence. The company advertises no calories, no sugar, no sodium, a drink that contains only natural flavors. But now the drink’s parent company, national beverage corporation, is facing a class action lawsuit alleging Lacroix water is manufactured using nonnatural flavorings and synthetic compounds. Some of these products are not regulated by the food and drug administration, and there’s some ambiguity about how you can use the label either natural or organic. Reporter: The lawsuit states that the company continues to mislead by using an all natural label on its drinks claiming that some of the allegedly added chemical ingredients cause kidney toxicity and tumors and are used as a cockroach insecticide. But experts say consumers shouldn’t jump to conclusions about the bubbly beverage. Consumers should not be alarmed about this lawsuit. The compounds under discussion occur naturally in citrus beverages like Orange juice, lime juice. Reporter: The national beverage corporation categorically denies all allegations in a statement saying, the lawsuit provides no support for its false statements about Lacroix’s ingredients adding that natural flavors in Lacroix are derived from the natural essence oils from the named fruit used in each of the flavors. The fda releasing a statement saying it has not engaged in rulemaking to establish a formal definition for the term natural but we expect the term natural to mean that nothing artificial or synthetic has been included in or has been added to a food. That is the big question, what is natural. Now the food scientist we spoke to tells us that at least one chemicals listed in that lawsuit would exist on an Orange if you were to pick it off a tree. So is that natural or not? That’s going to be the question that they look at. Moderation is key. You just don’t want to drink a case of this stuff maybe and you’ll be okay. Exactly. I think one of the most important things though we found Dan Harris’ rap name during that. Fruity essence, I believe it was. Fruity essence. Absolutely. Can we change his font? I’m leaving this news thing behind. Picking up a microphone.

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