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Here’s ABC’s John donvan. Reporter: When a little girl named loulou was officially adopted into the brusnahan family the other day even the judge got choked up. This adoption is in the best interest of this child. Reporter: Because she knew the connections being made in this moment. They start not with loulou but with the young woman holding her, Katie brusnahan, who was a baby herself nearly two decades ago. When the brusnahans adopted her giving her two brothers, one of whom was also adopted, and two parents. Then, not long ago, Katie’s mom told her about a phone call she’d received. And she tells me that Nikki, my birth mother, had another baby. And that the social workers wanted us to foster her. And I was like, okay, let’s do it. Reporter: Which is how loulou, Katie’s half sister, two decades her junior, became a temporary member of the household. Till another family could be found. At least that was the plan. The brusnahan parents, after all, were looking at their 60s. Probably most people our age are doing it as grandparents. Reporter: But loulou got to them. We all fell in love with her immediately. Is to it was Tim, the dad, who said it out loud. We were driving in the car one day. It was loulou, Katie, and I. And Tim said, we’re going to adopt loulou. Reporter: And that’s how one family grew by one more, and two sisters found their connection under one roof. John donvan, ABC news.

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