Microsoft to unveil new line of tech products Video


  • Now Playing: Microsoft introduces the Surface Go tablet

  • Now Playing: Microsoft alleges more Russian attacks ahead of midterm elections

  • Now Playing: Microsoft acquiring computer code site

  • Now Playing: Microsoft to unveil new line of tech products

  • Now Playing: Checking out the latest bicycle gadgets

  • Now Playing: Facebook could face fine of $1.6 billion

  • Now Playing: 50M users’ personal data exposed in ‘complex’ hack: Facebook

  • Now Playing: Tesla’s Elon Musk tweets his way into fraud charges

  • Now Playing: Facebook introduces new virtual reality system

  • Now Playing: Google admits privacy mistakes

  • Now Playing: Lyft wants to pay users to give up their car

  • Now Playing: Hackers are trying to reroute your direct deposits

  • Now Playing: Instagram CEO, co-founder abruptly resign

  • Now Playing: Forbes reports possible problem with Apple’s new phone operating system

  • Now Playing: Amazon’s Alexa helps parents with quiet mode

  • Now Playing: Apple iPhone Xs and Xs Max go on sale in few hours

  • Now Playing: 2 new Apple iPhones hit stores Friday

  • Now Playing: How to cash in on old devices as new Apple products hit the shelves

  • Now Playing: 3,000 Amazon Go stores may open by 2021

  • Now Playing: How do Facebook ads allow companies to discriminate?

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