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We’re back now with that lottery fever, the megamillions jackpot is now the second largest ever at $654 million. Now combine that with the Powerball jackpot, and you carry the one. There is nearly a billion dollars up for grabs. You got more on this, gio? Reporter: Think about what to do with all that, right? We haven’t seen a megamillions winner in months. The jackpot just kept growing and growing, leading to one of the biggest jackpots in American history. It’s a massive jackpot causing massive hype. $654 million. That’s the second largest megamillions jackpot in history. The fourth largest among all games, and when you add in the Powerball, we’re talking about a billion dollars up for grabs. I would trike to help the less fortunate, and for two, I would just see the world and relax. Reporter: Why is the jackpot so huge? It’s been growing since July 24th. Friday’s drawing, the third time in a row that there was no winner. And winning these massive prizes is not impossible. Just look at Mavis wangston. She won nearly $760 million. I had a pipe dream and my pipe dream has come true. I wanted to retire and it came early. Reporter: And there was the jackpot split between three people in Florida back in 2016. The attorney who represents one of those winners has some advice for any winners now. If you hope to remain anonymous, don’t sign the ticket right away, but put it in a safe place. If aunt Sally wins and she signs the back of the ticket, then aunt Sally’s information will be public record. Reporter: And of course, goat yourself a lawyer right away. The megamillions drawing happens tomorrow. If you win and take that lump sum option, that’s $372 million, but as we have seen, those jackpots often grow when there is this much hype. Listen, a little reminder, the odds of winning, 1 in 258 million. Debbie downer. You’re supposed to sign it or not sign snit. Don’t sign it at first. Keep it in a safe place and get on the phone with a lawyer.

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