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the man looking at nearly 100 years in prison charged in a brutal attack on his ex-girlfriend desperately looking for evidence that would clear his name. In September of 2017, Christopher pro-copia was arrested at the lumberyard where he worked. I had no idea why everything is happening and I was lost. Reporter: Accused of breaking into his ex-girlfriend’s home and violently slashing her with a box cutter. Police acting on the alleged victim’s account swiftly taking precopia into custody and his parents paying his $150,000 bond and thousands more in legal fees with their son suddenly facing the possibility of life in prison. That’s what I was scared of most, just going to prison for no reason. Reporter: For nine agonizing months desperately trying to clear their son’s name it was his mother Erin who realize the time line of the attack didn’t add up. That night her son had been with his family 65 miles from the crime scene. She immediately remembered a photo from the trip she had posted on her Facebook page. I’m thinking, this is awesome. You know, by the grace of god this — you know, she said it happened on the day that I can totally 100% say where he was at. Reporter: That selfie timestamped geo located and proving his innocence. Nine months after his arrest, the prosecutor dropping charges in the interest of justice. This was one of those cases where I could definitively prove that he did not commit this offense. Reporter: Precopia thankful he is done living a nightmare. I’m ready to live my life the way I want it without having any kind of worry this can come back and hurt me. Reporter: The bell county attorney received the case Friday and a decision on the possible charges against his accuser is expected next week. County attorney James Nichols said she could be looking at 180 days in jail if convicted. She may have made this up. Really amazing story. More ahead here on “Gma.”

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