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The best way. Okay. Well, the FBI have until Friday to complete their investigation. Investigators have already interviewed a number of key figures and this morning that incident at a bar in 1985 is raising questions. Our chief justice correspondent Pierre Thomas has the latest details. Good morning, Pierre. Reporter: Michael, good morning. With the clock ticking and time running out, the FBI is zeroing in on key witnesses. The FBI has locked in on some of the people who Christine blasey Ford says were at the party where she alleges Brett Kavanaugh sexually assaulted her. And now word that the other person she says was in the bedroom where she was allegedly attacked has been interviewed by the FBI. Mark judge, Kavanaugh’s high school friend and classmate, seen here in his yearbook photo. His attorney releasing a statement that the FBI have begun talking to judge but his interview has not been completed. A couple of times I made eye contact with mark and thought he might try to help me. But he did not. Reporter: Judge has previously released statements saying he doesn’t remember the party or the assault Dr. Ford describes. Kavanaugh has denied all accusations of sexual assault and lewd behavior. The FBI apparently moving quickly. ABC news confirming that agents have talked to four key witnesses that senate Republicans wanted interviewed. Three of them, Ford says attended the high school gathering where she says she was aqualitied and ABC news learn they talked to Deborah Ramirez who claimed a drunken Kavanaugh exposed herself to her when they were students at Yale. Democrats complained the bureau’s universal potential witnesses needed to be much broader and Monday senator Jeff flake insisted that the bureau should not be handcuffed. We certainly want the FBI to do a real investigation and we are working to make sure that that happens. I’ve had discussions, many yesterday with my colleagues, with the white house counsel’s office. Reporter: The bureau may have more leads to pursue. A number of Kavanaugh’s Yale classmates have contradicted his testimony that he never blacked out from drinking. And they have suggested that he became aggressive when intoxicated. I have seen Brett drunk to the point he could easily be passed out. I never saw him passed out but I saw him quite drunk. Reporter: According to a police report obtained by “The New York Times” Kavanaugh’s accused of instigating a 1985 bar fight and refusing to answer questions about his role in the scuffle. Brett said Or something to that effect and threw the ice at the guy and the guy understandably even though he had been aggressive in his response found that was a little one step too far so he took a swing at Brett and then they were kind of, you know, two guys fighting but it was all very quick. Reporter: But the white house released statements from classmates who paint a starkly different picture. Dan Murphy stating I never saw Brett blacked out or not be able to remember the prior evening’s events nor did I ever see Brett act aggressive, hostile or in a sexually aggressive manner to women. Word this morning that Kavanaugh may have reached out to classmates before the new Yorker story ran to discuss the claim by Ramirez that he exposed himself. The FBI now has a series of text messages suggesting that Kavanaugh contacted at least one classmate for support in refuting his claim but the text messages also suggest the classmate saw Ramirez act uncomfortable around Kavanaugh at a 1997 wedding. Those text messages have been shared with senator Richard Blumenthal who says he passed them along to the FBI. . Let’s bring in senator Sheldon

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