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It all leads to this. The whole show — Grand finale. Yes. Adrienne Bankert. What’s popping? You’re only saying that because I have food and you can’t eat any of it. That’s right. But we’re going to save that for last. Yeah, that’s right. Justin Bieber just ended all speculation about the state of his relationship to Hailey Baldwin with a single post. Okay, so so far he’s kept everybody guessing about whether or not they really tied the knot. Bieber just posted a photo of him and Baldwin making it crystal clear, my wife is awesome. Okay. Wow. There you have it. He used the “W” word. She followed by changing her Instagram name to Hailey Bieber. There was speculation the couple got married in September at the New York City courthouse but we didn’t know for sure. Why hide it? Is it so that we’ll talk about it. What’s the deal? It’s like, whose business is it really? Why are we talking about it? That’s true. Dan finally has — Dan finally has the answer he was seeking. Mrs. Bieber. All right, now to an update this morning on aerosmith’s Joe Perry. The guitarist was released from the hospital. He collapsed backstage at a Billy Joel concert in Madison square garden in New York after making a cameo. TMZ reports he had been dealing with lung congestion for many weeks and earlier this week he tweeted fans he was doing well and thanked them for all the love and support. We are so happy you’re doing better, Joe. Speaking as a Boston boy he has been behind some of the best rock ‘N’ roll songs over the last 30, 40 years. Yep. He’s an icon. He is. He really is. Stay safe. Aerosmith. Aerosmith. You want me to start singing? Dan is actually the one bona fide rock star at this table. Rock star? I don’t know about that. Maybe at home in the mirror. I think you’re a rock star. Sending out our congratulations to Billy idol. The “White wedding” singer became a U.S. Citizen. The U.S. Citizenship and immigration services tweeted out a collage of images of the ceremony writing, it’s a nice day for a naturalization ceremony and idol took that oath in Los Angeles as we move around some of our dishes here. Billy idol first moved to the U.S. In 1981. The 62-year-old idol known for “White wedding,” “Rebel yell” and “Dancing with myself” and is it “Money money”? “Money money.” Do I know “Money upon.” How does that go? Money, money, what? Macaroni? ??? More more more ??? And that’s it. That’s — ??? rebel yell ??? They just walked right into that one. That wasn’t “Money money.” Just so you know. I know. I was like, what is that? “Rebel yell.” It was like moaning but not — Well, I thinkary — think they’re going to be saying hooray after all these doughnuts right on the table. It’s the season, right? Right around the corner we’ll be celebrating Christmas. Krispy kreme is not waiting for the holidays. They’ve got new doughnuts. The flavors are pumpkin spice, cinnamon swirl with lovely cinnamon cream cheese and gingerbread glazed. I know you can actually smell them — It’s like the wafting. It’s so good here. I can’t eat them. Why can’t you eat them? I’m just going to sniff them. Which one did you try? This one. Is it gingerbread? Does it taste like gingerbread? Is it like a molasses cookie. It’s light yet molasses. Is it strong ginger flavor. Not too strong. I want — ??? more more more ??? I know that much. And that’s “Pop news,” everybody. Great job, whit. I love you even more. We’ll see you right back here tomorrow morning.

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