Job gains in Sept.: Professional services and construction


Professional services led the way in hiring gains in September, adding 54,000 jobs in a wide-ranging category that includes management consultants, administrative support and computer systems designers. That sector has contributed more than a half-million jobs over the past year.

Construction, manufacturing, health care also posted solid gains. Transportation and warehousing added nearly 24,000 jobs, led by couriers, messengers and warehousing staff.

Retail and restaurants shed jobs in September, although the weakness stemmed in part from the temporary impact of Hurricane Florence.

Overall, U.S. employers added 134,000 jobs in September. The unemployment fell to 3.7 percent, the lowest level since 1969, the Labor Department said Friday.

Industry (change from previous month) September 2018 August 2018 Past 12 months
Construction 23,000 26,000 315,000
Manufacturing 18,000 5,000 278,000
Retail -20,000 11,500 55,500
Transportation, warehousing 23,800 21,300 173,800
Information (Telecom, publishing) 0 -3,000 -17,000
Financial services 13,000 12,000 118,000
Professional services (Accounting, engineering, temp work) 54,000 65,000 560,000
Education and health 18,000 58,000 453,000
Hotels, restaurants, entertainment -17,000 21,000 296,000
Government 13,000 16,000 69,000
Source: Labor Department

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