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Hollywood’s award season kicks off tonight with the golden globes. The best movies and TV honored at an event nobody for — known for its unpredictability, and ABC’s Chris Connelly, also known for his unpredictability, in L.A. With a preview. Good morning. Reporter: Good morning, Dan. The golden globes are the Iowa caucuses of movie award shows. They feature an electric with quirky tastes and a large list of candidates we’ll see down the line. And like you say, because of it’s the first of the season, it’s reliably unpredictable. Prepping for tonight’s golden globes means rolling out the red carpet. Even with such crowd-pleasing pictures as “A star is born,” “Crazy rich Asians” and “Bohemian rhapsody,” Sandra oh knows this will be a tough act to follow because, you know, Oprah. Did she say something good? Oprah did say something good. At this moment, there are some little girls watching as I become the first black woman to be given the same award. It’s the idea of if some young girl sees Oprah on stage or what she is saying, what that can bring up in another young girl, young person. Reporter: But who will make it to that stage is a golden globe winner. “Roma,” the year’s best reviewed movie, is eligible only in best foreign film. That could clear the way for “A star is born” to take motion picture drama. Lady gaga, a favorite in best actress drama. On the musical or comedy side of the globes, Olivia Colman from best actress. Fat and ugly. Reporter: Christian bale is a best actor lock for “Vice,” battles it out with “Green book” for best picture. “The marvelous Mrs. Maisel” won last year, so voters may go shopping elsewhere. What? Reporter: Bill Hader’s “Barry” perhaps. Who are you? Barry. Reporter: And making it a good night for “Killing eve,” the drama that stars, well, hey. Sandra oh. And the spontaneity that’s a globes hallmark. Eyes will be focused with the winners well positioned for possible academy award success, and you can catch all the action from on stage and back stage on Monday’s “Gma.” Guys? All right, Chris Connelly. A busy weekend ahead. Thank you, sir.

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