Face transplant recipient thanks donor’s mother: Part 6 Video


Transcript for Face transplant recipient thanks donor’s mother: Part 6

Reporter: Since getting a new face, cam Underwood has slowly but surely been getting used to being out and about. But the meeting he and his mom are heading to now is fraught with anxiety. Waiting for them on this Manhattan apartment patio is Sally fisher. In a minute, she will once again be looking on the face of her late son, a face now belonging to someone else. I know how my heart feels. I’m just scared because it brings back the loss of my son. Reporter: Along for moral support — the surgeon, Dr. Rodriguez, who made the emotional encounter possible, cam’s brother Aaron, and will’s family. And then, the breathless moment ten months in the making unfolds. I’m so glad you’re here. So glad. And you. Oh, my goodness, you’re the courageous one! Getting my son a chance to be Normal again. I mean he looks so fantastic! I know, you look beautiful. I mean, I’m a little biased but I think you’re drop dead gorgeous. I think he is too. Thank you. I think he is too. I gave her a locket that held two pictures. A fun picture of cam that I love and then a candid shot of will and I had those pictures put in the locket. Will had a beautiful face. It would have been a tragedy for it to die with him. I feel really happy. Reporter: What do you want people to take away from this story? Depression — this ailment of depression — it’s treatable. Purpose in this story is to give someone else that hope.

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