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. We want to start here with the story that happened overnight. A party at Clemson university quickly and violently taking a turn for the worse. Look at the video. The floor collapsing. Revellers tumbling on top of one another. Falling into the basement. 30 people were taken to three local hospitals. Now the big question. How did this happen? In a moment we’ll hear from the fire chief. Let’s start with erielle reshef who is in studio. Good morning. Good morning. Crazy video here. What was supposed to be a night of celebration turning into terror. The clubhouse floor gives way sending dozens of people plummeting to a lower level. Reporter: Breaking overnight a horrifying scene at a homecoming party. Students from Clemson university celebrating on a packed dance floor. You can see them jumping up and down to a popular song when suddenly the ground gives way. People screaming in terror. Plunging into the basement. The floor! Reporter: Cell phone video capturing this man struggling to hold on to what’s left of the floor boards. First responders rushing to the woodland complex treating 30 people for injuries. As of right now from I know they have seven extra traumas. Unknown how many other people, the whole floor collapsed. Reporter: This girl stepping off the dance floor just as it went down. I felt that something was weird. That’s when everyone collapsed and the guy behind me disappeared. Everyone was on the floor and people were screaming and there was wood sticking up from the floor boards, just like turning around and seeing a bunch of people who used to be on the second floor now in the basement was really surreal and people were crying. It was just a lot to take in at one time. As you can imagine, authorities are investigating what caused that floor to buckle. Miraculously no one was trapped and there were no serious injuries. They have — they don’t think any of those injuries were life threatening. That’s great news. Fantastic news especially when you see the video and you think this was supposed to be a celebration Clemson beating North Carolina state. The party turning out much differently than expected. We spoke with the Clemson university fire chief a short time ago. Listen to what he had to say. Chief, thanks for joining us. If you could, walk us through exactly what happened. At approximately 12:34 this morning we were dispatched to a reported deck collapse at an apartment complex. On arrival first units were there in about four minutes, found a dance floor had collapsed into the basement. Approximately 30 injured folks. When you say dance floor, was it a venue that was a club, a dance club? It’s a clubhouse for an apartment complex. What kind of injuries did you see when you arrived there on the scene? Multiple lower extremity fractures, the most serious was a pelvic fracture. When you say it collapsed into the basement, what floor were these people on? Was this the first floor? They were on the first floor. It was a social area with kind of a gathering area, dance floor. There was a pool room below that. All right. Chief William Daniel, from Clemson, thank you for joining us. We appreciate your help Okay. Y’all have a good morning. When you look at the looped video, there were people on the edges where the floor didn’t collapse. All of a sudden they’re on the edge of a cliff. The floor collapsed into the center it looks like when you watch that video. Thankfully it wasn’t higher up. It was just one floor so those injuries not life threatening. We want to move on to other

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