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Aren’t much amatter what happens tomorrow. Glory. Because we men. Yes, sir. So good. He won oscars for that role in “Glory” and for “Training day” in 2001. Nominated for six others including “Cry freedom,” “Malcolm X,” “The hurricane,” “Flight,” “Fences” and “Roman J. Israel esquire” in honoring the film institute called him an American icon. The award will be presented next June. My favorite, of course, is “The hurricane” and “Pelham 123.” “Glory.” Icon is too weak — The tone of his voice. He can yell when nobody else. When he’s yelling, people listen. All right, Bradley cooper, no slouch either and they’re talking Oscar for his work in “A star is born.” He’s already got one award under his belt. PETA awarding the first time director with his compassion in film award. The organization praising cooper for casting his own dog Charlie in the film rather than using a service dog. PETA is saying it was clear Charlie loved being with his real-life dad and cooper has a history of adopting rescue dogs. He named Charlie after his late father and, by the way, the soundtrack of the movie was just released. Dan has rescued cats. I think you have a dog. I got a dog. A got a couple dogs. Could they star in a film like this? No, my dog would destroy the food court and would go to the bathroom. It would be a mess but we love him dearly. His name is Nemo. That’s true. Moving on, the mysterious artist banksy may have just pulled off one of the biggest stunts in the art world as ever seen. His picture called “Girl with balloon,” one of his best-known works was auctioned off at sotheby’s in London yesterday for $1.4 million, but then a shock when the moments later the painting self-destructed passing through a shredder that was hidden inside the frame. Posting the moment saying going, going, gone. Wow. Some speculating that the stunt may have actually increased the value of the work. I will never understand the art world. I will never understand it. Yes. Well maybe that person who spent more than a million bucks isn’t understanding it either. Dan, I don’t think you understand this world either. It is baseball. Finally the Houston Astros made a lot of friends overnight. One guy at least. Eddie flores promised fans in nearby rows he’d buy them a beer if the Astros outfielder George springer hit a home run and that’s exactly what happened. So the beer flowed and then another home run. So back-to-back. He had to buy two rounds of beer cost him about 400 bucks. He said he would be glad to do it again at the next game as well so we’ll see if the beer flows there. Hoping. A lot of high-fives. Yanks play this afternoon. Thank you, rob. Sorry, Nemo.

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