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Today president trump is making his first visit to the disaster zone in California. He’s leaving this morning. While there he will witness firsthand the devastation from the deadliest wildfire in America in a century. This as the number of missing people has just skyrocketed to more than a thousand. The death toll currently stands at 71. And here’s a sign of the times. Californians now taking to social media with face mask selfies protecting themselves from air mroougs now ranked among the worst in the world with smoke so thick it has prompted health warnings and school closings. The president will also arrive at a time when he has freshly stirred resentments among the people on the ground there with new comments about who is to blame for these fires. ABC’s Marcus Moore is in malibu. Marcus, good morning. Reporter: Well, whit, good morning to you. The destruction here is absolutely unimaginable. Only a couple of walls are standing where a house used to be. You can see the rest is pure rubble. This is a scene being repeated in various parts of this state and this morning those new numbers are revealing the scale of this disaster. Overnight the death toll from northern California’s horrifying camp fire rising to 71 with authorities still trying to locate as many as a thousand people and over 12,000 structures destroyed. Thick smoke from the fire seen here from space, reaching over 100 miles to San Francisco. Forcing residents to wear face masks, canceling flights and closing schools. The air quality in San Francisco yesterday reportedly the worst of any major city in the country. California’s scorched Earth and thick smoke the backdrop for president trump’s planned visit later today. The big problem we have is management. You need forest management. It has to be. I’m not saying that in a negative way. I’m just saying the facts. Reporter: California’s governor Jerry brown and governor-elect Gavin Newsom still open to working with the president. For locals many who lost everything, emotions from that criticism are still running high. We don’t need him here. He can just tweet something nice, three words. I am sorry. I’m happy he’s coming and I think it’ll add some brightness to a lot of people. Reporter: The community of paradise in northern California, one of the hardest hit, burned to the ground. Many of those lucky enough to get out ending up here homeless in a tent city next to a Walmart parking lot. It’s just been chaos. I got here the first day and there was hardly anybody here. And then it’s just more and more and more. Reporter: Donations flooding in to help buoy those fleeing the fire, but the sent city apparently not permitted to last past this weekend. Now the red cross and local county authorities reportedly working together to help occupants move to shelters later today. And it’s unclear where all of those people will go because some with pets were reluctant to go to shelters. One of the reasons that tent city is being shut down is because rain is expected and that brings up the next concern. With so much scorched Earth, many are worried about mudslides. Guys. Insult to injury in this multifaceted disaster. Marcus Moore from the ground there, we really appreciate it. Let’s hone in on one of the areas of difficulty, as we said, the smoke from the fires doing a number on air quality. Rob is here with more. Good morning, sir. Good morning. Some conversions of the air quality to what it’s like if you smoke cigarettes in San Francisco, at one point so bad it was like smoking 11 cigarettes in one day and the smoke is heavy, you saw it in some of that video there and heavy across especially some parts of the valleys and still have the fires burning in malibu and, of course, the one in paradise or just east of paradise and now besides the air quality we have a red flag warning that’s been posted that includes paradise and and some of the foothills of the Sierras for low levels of humidity and gusty winds. This isn’t a Santa Ana. It continues to be dry, at least for now and as Marcus mentioned we do have a changing weather pattern and that’s beginning with an on of shore flow Tuesday and Wednesday with a little troughiness with some rain coming into northern California. Some coming into southern California and, yes, this could be a double edge sword. We desperately need the rain. We don’t need it all at one time. That could bring some mudslides but any moisture is welcome. More on that throughout the program. We were there and our whole crew was having trouble wearing the face masks the entire time. Hours away from the actual fire itself. Incredible. Yeah, Sacramento, San Francisco all struggling with that air. Thanks, guys. Damaging new claims emerging

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