CNN’s Jim Acosta speaks out after his White House press pass is reinstated Video


  • Now Playing: Major networks back CNN and Jim Acosta

  • Now Playing: CNN’s Jim Acosta arrives at District Court to appeal for White House press pass

  • Now Playing: CNN sues Trump, aides over suspending reporter’s press pass

  • Now Playing: CNN’s Jim Acosta speaks out after his White House press pass is reinstated

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  • Now Playing: US sanctions 17 Saudi officials for role in Khashoggi’s killing

  • Now Playing: Florida statewide machine recount nears Thursday deadline

  • Now Playing: President Trump again calls Mueller probe a ‘witch hunt’ in tweet

  • Now Playing: Who is Kevin McCarthy?

  • Now Playing: Mira Ricardel reassigned after Melania Trump’s criticism

  • Now Playing: Trump backs bipartisan plan to reform prison and sentencing laws

  • Now Playing: Trump endorses major sentencing reform legislation

  • Now Playing: The Briefing Room: Defense Secretary Mattis visits U.S.-Mexico border

  • Now Playing: Sen. Cruz, O’Rourke move forward after tense TX Senate battle

  • Now Playing: Newly elected House members arrive on Capitol Hill

  • Now Playing: Melania Trump calls for firing of top security aide

  • Now Playing: Whitaker’s appointment as acting attorney general legal, constitutional: DOJ

  • Now Playing: First lady calls for firing of Deputy National Security Adviser Mira Ricardel

  • Now Playing: Melania Trump issues rare public attack against WH aide

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