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Marcus Moore, we appreciate it. President trump also weighed in on the murder of Jamal khashoggi. There are reports the CIA has high confidence the murder was ordered by the Saudi crown prince, a key ally of the white house. The president calls those reports premature. Julia Macfarland is on the story from our London bureau. Julia, good morning to you. Good morning, Dan. President trump reacted to that report by defending the Saudi U.S. Partnership reiterating the importance of relations for jobs and the economy. The CIA itself has yet to comment on the report. Reporter: This morning president trump pushing back on bombshell reports into the murder of “Washington post” columnist Jamal khashoggi. They haven’t assessed anything yet. It’s too early. That was a premature report. We’ll have a report on Tuesday. It will be very complete. Reporter: The “Washington post” reporting a CIA assessment found the crown prince ordered khashoggi’s killing, the journalist murdered after entering the Saudi consulate in Turkey seeking papers to marry his Turkish fiance. The state department also pushing back denying the administration had made a final conclusion on who is responsible for khashoggi’s death. Saying there are numerous unanswered questions still adding the U.S. Will maintain its important strategic relationship with the Saudis. The president briefed Saturday by the CIA director and secretary of state Mike Pompeo aboard air force one as he travelled to California. The CIA assessment is reported to have communications from the royal family. The 33-year-old count prince a close ally of president trump and son in law Jared Kushner. President trump calling the Saudis an ally. They’ve been a spectacular ally in terms of jobs and economic development. Reporter: Reports the CIA find him guilty are the most damaging blow yet to that key relationship. That was first reported in the “Washington post” and is described with high confidence the Saudi crown prince is culpable. Saudi Arabia first issued denials and then conflicting stories. President trump says he expects the U.S. Government’s full conclusion next week. Dan. Thank you, Julia. Let’s bring in Martha Raddatz. Let’s start with the khashoggi murder. The president seems to be reluctant to blame and punish the Saudi crown prince. What do you think is going on? It was within hours after the “Washington post” had the report that the CIA concluded with high confidence that the prince was involved, that the state department pushed back as Julia said. I think what’s going on is they want to do this slowly. I don’t think there’s probably a smoking gun pointing to the crown prince. So president trump, no matter how much intelligence he gets, can interpret it really any way he wants to do this. He has made a point over and over and over that we have this strategic relationship with Saudi Arabia, that they’re important to push back Iran, obviously important for oil as well. So Tuesday will be a big day, but I wouldn’t expect necessarily for president trump to say things point to the crown prince. Let’s move on to domestic politics. On “This week” this morning you’ll be interviewing the newly elected female democratic house members. You’ll be speaking to them at a time where celebrities are hitting social media to endorse Nancy Pelosi as incoming house speaker. Does it look like she’s going to get the speaker’s gavel? I don’t think we know. They had varying opinions of Nancy Pelosi. They all praise Nancy Pelosi as a great former speaker. There were many who would not commit to her. There are many on capitol hill who will not commit to her at this point. I think it’s unclear. What I would say is talking to these women, we have some fascinating conversation and fun conversation, they haven’t decided because they don’t know who else might run for speaker. So I think that’s why some of them are holding off, but still, nothing positive yet. Even though president trump offered to help her out. Yes, he tweeted in her support yesterday morning. Such an interesting and diverse group of incoming members of congress. I look forward to that conversation. Thank you. Martha has a big show. She has more on the investigation of Jamal khashoggi when she goes one and one with house and gnat — senate intelligence committee members, Adam shift and Roy blunt. She also sits down with those five congress women.

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