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Now to a family terrorized in their own home. They never expected a man to come barging in during a snowstorm. ABC’s erielle reshef joins us with more on the calls the family made to police. Good morning, erielle. Reporter: Good morning to you, Eva. That bizarre encounter started when authorities say the suspect suddenly burst into that home late at night wielding a knife. The children making that chilling call to 911 as they pleaded for their lives. Terrifying moments for a mother and her three children after authorities say a man broke into their home. Did you say he had a knife? What? Does he have a knife or a weapon? I don’t know. Reporter: Police outside Boston say the family was watching TV around 11:00 at night when it happened. The family desperately calling 911 as they were threatened by the intruder. Am I going to be okay? Yes, you’re going to be okay. Reporter: According to officials the suspect identified as 39-year-old Ricardo Francis slid off the roadway during a snowstorm crashing his car into a vehicle parked at the end of the family’s driveway. Francis then allegedly wielding a knife breaking into the home, assaulting the mother with a picture frame. The children pleading for their lives. An officer showing up within seconds subduing Francis at gun point taking him into custody. He was just screaming and I just held him there until he complied. A hero officer. No one in the family any life-threatening injuries. Francis is charged with armed home invasion and multiple felonies. Police say that bizarre encounter, there was no connection between the family and the suspect. So it’s just strange, a random crime. Terrifying. Yeah, terrifying, and those children with the wherewithal to call 911. A storm could delay emergency services as well. Erielle reshef, thanks so much.

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