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Finally tonight here, our persthe week. The high scho football star O moved us thmed about him. Watce player jt to the T of the quahere, through thein view toto score a before but yohan’t. Becae that nber 45, Adonis watt, is blhe plays F the brophprep cos.he’s a high school fresh running back. Inme, did itot only once, bwice. Elug he would help his ten. And indeool llways, inhe science lab, theyw Adonis ia star.ou know, ring those touchdownsy shoulder all the conditioning, fiy just Pai off. They were play P wi his team er and ove again. CING up hioes.aring his uniform. Putting on his helmet. His the, veca, always watchi from thands. E is so proud. When he’s in his unm is the time wfeel like he’s moike other kids. Ca are all led up. Off the field, he gets around school witlptes. They will tell you, he is the glue that holds them togethe have faith. Have hope. And just trust your abils, cause mounins do move. You just have to keep pushing them and P them and pug them. So we Cho Adonis watt.david Muir

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