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remarkable rescue at a mine in Arizona. The man falling down the shaft, landing 100 feet down. He was there for more than two days. How did authorities know where to find him? Here’s ABC’s will Carr. Reporter: For the first time, we’re seeing the daring rescue. Search and rescue crews in Arizona pulling a man to safety from this mine shaft after he went searching for gold. But wound up trapped for more than two days at the bottom of that dark and narrow hole. The actions of folks standing here with me and many others saved a life yesterday. In a very challenging circumstance that had incredible dangerous dynamics. Reporter: According to authorities, John Wadell rappelled halfway down the 100-foot shaft, lost control and plunged 50 feet to the bottom, breaking both legs. His leg’s broke all to hell. He’s going to have to have somebody to rappel down in there. Reporter: Making matters worse, his friend says Wadell landed in a rattlesnake den. Three of them he said he killed, I guess. Reporter: Wadell clung to life inside that shaft until his friend, Terry Shrader, came to the rescue and called 911. He had called me Monday and told me he was coming to the mine. And we always had a deal, if he is not back by Tuesday — Reporter: Then Shrader would go looking for him. A deal that may have saved his friend’s life. He was air-lifted to a hospital in Phoenix, where he’s undergoing surgery today. He says he’s happy to be with family and looking forward to a successful recovery. David? Wow. That is a good friend. Will Carr, thank you.

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